The Hidden Impact

Are you concerned about climate change? Do you want to know how you can really make an impact and what you can do to live an eco-positive life? Organize an interactive lecture or workshop at your organisation.
Sustainability and climate change are hot topics. Whether it’s about the CO2 discussion, the farmers or action groups blocking streets. People worldwide are taking action, because one thing is now clear: we have to act now to guarantee life for humans on our planet. But how can you as an individual really make an impact?
The Hidden Impact
Miriam - De Verborgen Impact

Lecture or Workshop

During the lecture or workshop you will gain insight into what we mean by “direct impact” and “hidden impact” on climate, nature and the environment. Because only if we map out our full impact we can effectively become more sustainable. And you will discover how to make the biggest impact in your daily life. During the workshop, you will calculate how many planets we would need if everyone would live like you, we brainstorm together about solutions and make a personal action plan. Finally, you will receive tips on how to enter into a conversation with others and how to involve them in your sustainable actions.
You will go home with lots of inspiration and your own plan for an Eco-Positive life!

About the speaker

Miriam Melchers has worked in the corporate business world fr many years and is now an Eco-Entrepreneur & Speaker. She worked for clients like as Heineken, Coca Cola and Hema. Then 3 years for Elon Musk at Tesla in California. Back in the Netherlands she started her own company Plant Ahead, became certified trainer for The Hidden Impact and partner at The Footprint Challenge. She coaches consumers and organisations to reduce their impact and contribute to an eco-positive future! She also sells sustainable and fair products.
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