Let’s team up!

There is no competition in making our planet more sustainable, only collaboration! We love to team up with other people and companies who are also on a mission to make this planet a better place.

Handmade & Sustainable Products
Our products are not just a piece of art, they are a “conversation starter”. We work with restaurants, juice bars, yoga studios, brands, and stores who use and or sell our products.

Custom Coconuts Bowls
We offer custom coconut bowls with your name or logo. Just imagine holding a coconut bowl with your logo in your hands! You can use or sell the bowls or gift them to employees or business relations.

Eco-Positive Talks & Workshops
We offer talks and workshops on how to measure your impact and live an Eco-Positive life.

We’d love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected].

Sappi Rotterdam
Holy Berry

Restaurants / Shops

Club Vers

Club Vers stands for fresh, healthy and most importantly, delicious food. The fact that their dishes are mostly vegetarian or vegan is merely a great detail. They would like to show everyone that healthy food can be delicious. Smoothie Bowls are served in Plant Ahead Coconut Bowls.

Juice by Nature

A healthy sanctuary in the middle of sparkling Amsterdam, Juice by Nature serves fresh cold pressed juices, smoothie bowls served in Plant Ahead coconut bowls, locally roasted coffee, guilt-free treats and a gorgeous selection of energy-boosting foods.


Sappi is juice bar in Rotterdam. They serve healthy and delicious juices, smoothies, sandwiches, and salads. You can buy our Coconut Bowls, Coconut Candle Holders, Bamboo Straws and Palm Chopsticks in their shop.


H/eart.h is a beautiful place on the busy Albert Cuypstraat where you can take a break to enjoy vegan and vegetarian food, art and streetwear. You can buy our Coconut Bowls, Bamboo Straws and Palm Chopsticks in their shop.

Little Plant Pantry

Little Plant Pantry is a plant-based and zero-waste whole foods store in Amsterdam. They sell all the essentials for a healthy plant-based life and work together with artisan producers who share their core values – such as cosmetics, soap, vegan cookbooks, plants and of course our Plant Ahead coconut bowls.

Løv I Elly

Løv I Elly is a sustainable webshop based in Belgium. They create Start & Gift Boxes that will help you to live more sustainably. All products are carefully selected. You will find a Plant Ahead coconut bowl in their Mornin’ Box, together with other delicious products.



Rainbowls is the most colorful smoothie & juice bar of Amsterdam. They serve healthy and delicious smoothie bowls, açai bowls, porridge, smoothies, soups, coffee & much more! Their smoothie bowls and açai bowls are served in custom coconut bowls by Plant Ahead. You can also take one home from their shop, so you can Eat the Rainbow – Every Day!

Studio Konijnenvoer

Studio Konijnenvoer is een plant-based restaurant in Arnhem. 1 year and 7 pop-ups later they established themselves with a new creative cooking concept. Their restaurant with garden provides an escape from the daily city life, where you can dream away with your coffee or cocktail. They have a monthly exhibition, and every Thursday evening they host an event. This can be anything: Music, theater, dance, performance art, you name it. Studio Konijnenvoer serves breakfast in their custom coconut bowls from Plant Ahead and you can also take a bowl home.



Vegabond is Amsterdam’s very first fully plant-based store and deli. With over a thousand different products and gorgeous homemade food to eat in or take away, this is an absolute Amsterdam hotspot for those interested in a plant-based lifestyle. From wraps and green juice to vegan pie, vegan cheese, and smoothie bowls served in Plant Ahead coconut bowls. Together with Vegabond and The Indigo Kitchen, we are organizing vegan cooking workshops to show you how easy it is to create a beautiful and nutritious vegan meal at home – served in a coconut bowl of course.

Companies & Organisations

Abbot Kinney’s

Abbot Kinney’s makes delicious and innovative plant-based yog and ice cream. They only use natural ingredients that are organic and 100% vegan. Made from high-quality plant-based ingredients and free from unnatural odors, colors and flavors. All their products are vegan, lactose-free and free of soy.


Holy Berry

Holy Berry is a Belgian company that sells delicious and healthy açai. Their acai berries come straight from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. This allows them to offer the highest quality organic acai, from wild harvesting and sustainable trade. The result is the most tasteful and healthy and açai products. They are full of nutrients, and a guarantee for a great start of your day.


ProVeg is a leading international food awareness organisation
working across four continents, with ongoing plans for future expansion.
We are a fast-growing organisation with global reach and ambition.


Yoga Studios

Bluebirds Amsterdam

Yogastudio Bluebirds is a Zentrum for Body & Mind. It’s the perfect place for busy people to relax. They offer everything you need to take care of yourself; yoga, meditation, super classes, or a massage, nutritional advice, physio and coaching. During yoga and meditation classes you can enjoy the unique experience or our Coconut Candle Holders or take one home from their shop.

The Conscious Club

The Conscious Club is a sacred space, a transformational learning and lifestyle center to awaken mind, body and spirit. They offer various activities like yoga and meditation. You can enjoy our Coconut Candle Holders during their classes or take one home from their shop.


Mals – Vegan Food & Music Festival

A vegan food festival with vegan food trucks & market stalls, craft beers and natural wines to accompany all the good food; a three-day festival in one of the most beautiful parks of Rotterdam.


VeggieWorld is the first and largest European fair for a vegan lifestyle.

Better Health Event

Better Health Event is the leading health event in the Netherlands. Be inspired by one of the many leading speakers, participate in creative and relaxing workshops and indulge yourself with the many natural products on the exhibition floor. The event is organized by nutrition coach Amber Albarda, also the author of seven successful (cooking) books.

Vegan Food Festival

First Vegan Lifestyle Festival in the Netherlands with Food, Talks, Good Vibes, Sport, Music.

Platforms / Magazines

The Indigo Kitchen

The Indigo Kitchen is a lifestyle platform filled with vegan recipes, lifestyle posts & other unique content to help us live a more balanced and fulfilling life. Together with The Indigo Kitchen and Vegabond, we are organizing vegan cooking workshops to show you how easy it is to create a beautiful and nutritious vegan meal at home – served in a coconut bowl of course.


Vegan Food Amsterdam

This platform is a growing source of information about veganism and vegetarism. You will find not only vegan restaurants and explanation about vegan food, but also information about other Vegan food festivals and much more. With a wealth of information that can make life easier for vegans and vegetarians, the website is a practical support for everybody that wants to eat Vegan or meet with a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.


eLLe Foundation of California

The eLLe Foundation of California supports woman in business. We love to work with them as they dedicate their time to give and support those who are making a positive impact, big or small. They feature woman and their businesses on their platform to inspire others. They believe supporting one another is the best way to make this beautiful planet a better place, and we totally agree!