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We’re on a mission to create a sustainable future for the people, the animals, and our planet. Our products and workshops help you to connect with nature and live a plant-based and sustainable life.

Each product is made from eco-friendly materials and crafted by hand in an ethical way. Because we believe that’s the only right way.

Plant Ahead. The Future is Plant-Based.

Coconut Bowl Collection

We offer a beautiful collection of coconut bowls. Each bowl is  designed and crafted by hand. Choose from unique designs or customize your coconut bowl with your name, logo or an inspiring quote. Complete your kitchen with our eco-friendly products.

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These bowls made me feel like such an eco warrior and vegan level 100! I love to make special things in them, and they really help me being more mindful with what is in them too! Great product, durable, and I love using mine!

Holly Barber

These bowls are amazing. Great for smoothie bowls, yogurt, nicecream, salads, etc. Wonderfully spacious so lots of goodies. I love that it is a natural product, which would otherwise be wasted.

Tamara Bhagoe

I gave the candle holder as a present to my mother and treated myself to another one. I am very happy with it! It creates a great atmosphere and is much more fun than a normal candle holder.


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