From smoothie bowls to sushi bowls!

Discover delicious recipes by our team, our customers and our favorite food bloggers.

Poké Bowl with Vegan Tuna

Have you ever tried vegan tuna? This refreshing and healthy vegan “tuna” Poké Bowl  is [...]

Poke Bowl 3.0

Want to take your Poke Bowls to the next level? Manel & Hanna share a [...]

Pink Smoothie Bowl

Start your day with this pink smoothie bowl, topped with peanut butter. Sofie van de [...]

Summer Smoothie Bowl

The Happiness Cafe and 24 Kitchen teamed up to create a delicious sugar-free smoothie bowl. [...]

Vegan Poké Bowl

Nathalie Kemna shares her favorite summer recipe: vegan poké bowl! She got a lot of [...]

Avocado & Ananas Smoothie Bowl

Need some extra energy? This bowl is a real energy booster! Barbara created this delicious [...]

Overnight Oats & Chia Pudding

Love it when breakfast is ready when you wake-up? So do we! This is the [...]

Matcha Granola by Abbot Kinney’s

Love Matcha? Try this Matcha Granola created by Abbot Kinney’s. We’ve teamed up to share our [...]

Bean Stew & Nachos

Looking for the ultimate comfort food? Look no further! Petra made this delicious Bean Stew [...]


Vegan Poké Bowl by Mariska

With this Vegan Poké Bowl recipe, Mariska shows us that you don’t have to miss [...]

Passion Fruit Nice Cream Bowl by Mariska

Guilt-free ice cream for breakfast? Yes, please! This recipe is healthy and super easy to [...]

Strawberry Smoothie Bowl by Beautyful Balanced Life

This easy Strawberry Smoothie Nice Cream Bowl is a simple and healthy treat to kickstart [...]

Tofu Bowl

Jason from The Indigo Kitchen is one of the most colorful people you will ever [...]

2x Vegan Milkshake by Abbot Kinney’s

Without a doubt one of our favorite plant-based brands: Abbot Kinney’s. They make delicious yogurt [...]

Banana Berry Bowl

This smoothie bowl is perfect to kick-start your day or to refuel after a workout. [...]

Coconut Yoghurt Bowl with Granola and Fruit

Looking for a simple breakfast or a healthy afternoon snack? This coconut bowl is ready [...]