Let’s team up!

We love to team up with other businesses who want to make their business more eco-friendly.

Eco-Positive Products
Our coconut bowls are not just a piece of art, they are a “conversation starter” and tell an important story about living a sustainable and zero waste life. We work with restaurants, juice bars, brands, and our products are sold via partner stores.

Custom Coconuts Bowls
We can customise our coconut bowls with your name or a short text to match the look & feel of your company. Just imagine holding a coconut bowl with your logo in your hands. There are also a perfect gift for employees or business relations.

Eco-Positive Talks & Workshops
We offer talks and workshops on how to measure your impact and live an Eco-Positive life. Read more here.

Want to know more? Let’s talk! Contact us at [email protected].

Holy Berry