Sunshine – Coconut Candle Holder


Every year, millions of coconut shells are discarded as waste. We give them a new life as a beautiful candle holder that you can enjoy every day. Each coconut candle holder is a piece or art, crafted by hand and beautifully designed by our team of skilled artisans in Vietnam.

  • Handmade and sustainable
  • Beautifully designed and ethically made
  • Take a moment for yourself and connect with nature
  • Support local artisans in Vietnam and contribute to a sustainable future
  • Including glass tea light holder
  • Green & quick delivery by
  • Free NL delivery on orders €50+ and free EU delivery on orders €70+

The Sunshine Coconut Candle Holder is designed to make you shine. Decorate your home and inspire yourself and others to be the sunshine. You are the light!

Tip: Spread the sustainable light and gift one to someone special.

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