Vegan Sushi Bar

Vegan Sushi Bar

Years ago I discovered Beyond Sushi in New York. A lovely vegan sushi bar with the most delicious and colourful sushi. It took a little while for vegan sushi to arrive in Amsterdam, but the wait is over! In just a few months the Vegan Sushi Bar opened 2 locations in Amsterdam, hallelujah! Perfectly located in Amsterdam-West on the Kinkerstraat and in Amsterdam-Zuid on the Van Woustraat.

Their motto: ‘the only thing we take out of the ocean is plastic!’ (and seaweed of course).

They offer a great variation of sushi rolls, like vegan shrimp, vegan crab and vegan salmon. It looks and tastes better than the “real thing”. I was actually never a big fish or sushi eater, but I love the vegan salmon rolls. Their sushi looks pretty fancy as they use black rice, instead of white rice. On the side they also offer sashimi, gyoza and tempura.


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