Nourish Cafe

Nourish Cafe is a little plant-based cafe in San Fransisco. Every time I drove up from Silicon Valley to the city I would stop by Nourish cafe for some delicious and healthy food.

The Green Acai Bowl tastes like heaven! It’s full of veggies and superfoods, topped with gluten-free granola. This bowl became my standard breakfast at home as well. I would make them myself at least 5 times per week. Super easy, cause in the US you can just buy green frozen acai at the supermarket.

They offer large salads, just the way I like it. After all, you can never have enough veggies.

I also love their toasts. You can order savory and sweet toasts, and even mix and match them. Home-made nutella and almond butter for me please!

If only there was a Nourish Cafe in every city on the planet…