This plant-based milk company tells the truth about milk

Over the last few months, it was hard to miss Oatly’s ads. The plant-based milk company took the opportunity to make a big statement with its advertising campaign across Europe.

“It’s like milk, but made for humans.”

Oalty is not just trying to promote its products, it has a much more important message to tell: cow milk is not meant for humans, its meant for baby cows.

“Some consider our messaging to be controversial,” Michael Lee, Oatly’s creative and strategic director for international markets, said in a statement. “We disagree. It’s fact because our oat drinks actually are made for humans, rather than for baby cows.”

Finally, a milk company that speaks the truth!

For years, the dairy industry has been lying to us. Right in our face. They didn’t have our best interest in mind, let alone the interest of animals and our planet. Their one and only goal was to fill their pockets.

But times are changing! Thank you Oatly, for making great products and telling the truth.