Meatless District

Meatless District is one of my favourite plant-based restaurants in Amsterdam. It’s my number one place where I take non-vegan friends to let them experience what it’s like to eat plant-based. And guess what… They all LOVE it.

It’s the perfect place for lunch or a nice evening dinner with vegan wine. The restaurant is spacious, has a hip interior and a big bar in the middle.

My favourite is the “Kroketten with bread” for lunch. When I turned vegan, I thought I would never eat kroketten again. Then I found these vegan kroketten made by De Vegetarische Slager and my life was complete again. They are served with vegan mayo.

I would also highly recommend the vegan Ceasar Salad with “chicken pieces” from De Vegetarische Slager, topped with a delicious dressing.

The menu changes every season with lots of very surprising and super tasty dishes. A few dishes like the kroketten and the vegan burgers are always on the menu.

If you’re into something sweet (always!), they serve vegan pies from Willem-Pie.


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